Camp Opemikon


Scouting stands for outdoor adventure, new challenges, great friends and positive values. Opemikon provides all of these - and more! At Opemikon, all campers and staff will do their best to establish new personal achievements, meet and make new friends and to respect God's natural world as we explore the great out-of-doors. Above all, the Camp's focus is on the campers having the time of their lives!

Water Fun: Camp Opemikon boasts on of the finest lakefront playgrounds in Ontario. Located on Christie Lake near Perth, the large, shallow and quiet sandy-bottomed bay is an ideal location for water activities. A fleet of paddle boats, canoes, and rowboats is available for camper's enjoyment. Safety of the camper is the primary concern of the qualified lifeguards and boating staff who ensure campers adhere to strict waterfront rules



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Mist on the Lake