Compass Board Game

The original design of this game came from Jim Purser of Loyalist Area. He had a version when he taught Wood Badge I Pack in the spring of 2004 at Otter Lake Scout Camp. His version used nails for each compass point.

Our version is constructed as follows. Each board is made of 1/4" fir plywood, 11 5/8" square. The compass points are on a 9" diameter circle. The points are 1/8" dowel, 3/4" long, glued in 1/8" holes. Two types were made, one with eight points and one with sixteen points.

The tags are round metal rim price tags, 1 1/2" diameter. They are labeled with a label maker.

The case is constructed of 1/2" and 1/4" Baltic birch plywood. It holds six boards of each type. Small compartments with cardboard drawers hold the tags.

The game is run as a relay race by six (Cubs) or patrol (Scouts). The boards are placed at one end of the room with all the tags upside down in front of the board. Each person runs up and turns over a tag and places it in the correct position. Instead of turning over a tag, the person can move a tag to a hopefully more correct position. North can either be made to be in the correct orientation, or where ever the kids want. Start with the eight point version and move to the sixteen point version once the easier one is mastered.


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