The website is a snapshot taken in June 2013. It is not related to the current operations of the Merrickville Scout group, It is preserved for historical purposes and to make available the vast amount of information for use by other Scout groups. The current Merrickville Scout group website can be found at




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Ten Ways to Grow Your Group        
Welcome to Scouting Presentation        
Group/Area Calandar 2006/2007      
Caving Simulator Manual (Essex, UK)      
T21 Patrol Box Plan        
World's Smallest Survival Kit        
Necker Instructions (written)      
Necker Instructions (pictorial)      
Scouts Canada Fee Increases      
Map to Merrickville      
Scouting Program 2003/2004      
Water Activity Manual (South Lake Simcoe District)        
Camp Stool Project Plan        
Tinfoil Cooking Recipes        
Merrickville Hiking Trail Map      
Merrickville Woodland Trails        
Merrickville Village Walks        


The editions sold by The Honor Bookstore are superior to all others as they have a lay flat spiral binding.

For soft copies of many older Scout books and publications, see The Dump.

TitleAuthorCover Honor Bookstore Scout Shop
Progressive Pioneering John Thurman  
Fun with Ropes and Spars John Thurman  
Pioneering Projects John Thurman  
Pioneering Principals John Thurman  
Scout Pioneering John Sweet
Pioneering in Town and Country John Sweet    
Scouting for Boys Robert Baden-Powell  
Military Engineering, Part IIIa Her Majesty's
Stationary Office
Military Engineering, Part IIIb Her Majesty's
Stationary Office
Manual of Field Engineering, Volume II Royal Engineers      
The Camp Fire Leaders Book Turner & Dimmock      
Gilwell Camp Fire Book Rex Hazelwood & John Thurman      
The Second Gilwell Camp Fire Book Rex Hazelwood & John Thurman    
Games and Game Leadership Charles Smith      
Gipsy Tents and How to Use Them G.R. Lowndes      
Tramp Graham      
Scout Camps, A Book for Scouters Rex Hazelwood & John Thurman