Aerial Runway (Zipline)

Our aerial runway used 5/16" stainless steel aircraft cable with a truck retrieval pulley. The cable was tightened with a come along. The seat was 3/4" Duraply plywood finshed with oil paint and 1/2" closed cell foam sleeping pad glued with contact cement to the top to prevent the kids from slipping off. Seat hung from pulley with climbing slings. Tieback to supporting trees was with climbing slings and truck towing straps. All connections made with locking carabiners. Kids slowed with 30' of doubled 1/2" trailing bungee cord. Safety brake rope also in place at the end of the run. Each kid was also in a climbing harness that was fastened separately to the pulley.

The UK factsheet is a tremendous resource.


Fact Sheet (UK)

Photgraphs From Our Event

Click on photograph for a larger version. More photographs at our Summer 2004 Cub Camp.