Bead Projects

Beads can make for interesting projects. We currently have plans/instructions for both woggles and flags.

These are made from seed beads, available from craft stores.


Depending on the pattern you choose, you will usually need between 10 and 14 small safety pins. Open a safety pin, and slip the seed beads onto it. Once all beads are in place, close the safety pin. You may want to use the needle-nose pliers to pinch the end of the safety pin so it will not pop open later. Repeat this step until all the safety pins are beaded.

Now you are ready to put all the beaded pins onto a larger safety pin. Open the large safety pin (the size you need will be stated in the pattern). Use the flat-head screwdriver to slightly pry apart the coils at the end of the large pin.

Slip the loop of the first beaded safety pin onto the large one. Pull it down to the loop at the base of the large pin. Pull it around the loop and up the back-side of the pin. Repeat this for each beaded safety pin.

Once all your beaded safety pins are on your larger pin, use the pliers and squeeze the loop to close it.

For the Canada flag, in addition to the beads, 13 - 1 1/16" and 1 - 2" safety pins are required.


Beaded Woggle

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