Aviation Museum Sleep-over
Beavers & Cubs

How about a night of total fun at the Canada Aviation Museum! A sleeping bag, a pillow, a toothbrush, and a taste for extraordinary fun is all your Beavers and Cubs will need. They can explore the Museum collection by flashlight, find out about aerodynamics and practise on the controls of a Cessna 150! We will participate in interactive demonstrations, watch films, sleep under the wings of an airplane, and more!

Pictures from the event

February 7, 2004.

$20 per person which covers in part the $32 charged by the museum.
Payment is required by the end of November 2003.

Who’s Invited:
All Beavers (accompanied by Beaver parent) and Cubs.

Typical Schedule:
5:00 Arrival, welcoming, rules, etc.
5:30 Supper: Pizza (pepperoni & vegetarian), potato chips, cookies and drink
6:15 Interactive demonstrations Taking Off and The Body in Flight
7:00 Amazing Air! Workshop
8:00 At the controls of the Cessna 150 workshop
8:45 General Guided Visit of the Museum in the dark using flashlights
9:45 Late night snack (milk and cookies) and movie
10:30 Lights out
7:00 Lights on and clean-up
7:30 Breakfast: Cereal, fruit and drink (juice or coffee/tea)
9:00 Departure

Please Bring:
Sleeping mat, sleeping bag and pillow
Pyjamas, towel and soap
Change of clothes
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Beavers, Cubs and Leaders must wear their uniform.

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