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Caving Simulator

A caving simulator is a valuable tool for allowing kids experience squeezing through tight spaces just as in a real cave. It is also a lot of fun! The original caving simulator is based in Essex (UK) as part of the Essex County Scout Caving Team.

The Merrickville Scout group has constructing our own version of this valuable activity, thanks to the support of the Government of Ontario.

The simulator is built of 13 sheets (4'x8') of 1/2" Duraply (MDO plywood), also called signboard. This material has a resin paper facing on both sides which makes it smooth and stable; the plywood also has twice the number of plies. Four templates from 3/16" hardboard were made for the holes. The holes were cut with a template following router bit. All edges were rounded over with a router to ensure no splinters and for better painting. All items were painted with a dark gray latex paint; one coat of primer and one top coat. A 14' x 20' silver sunblocker tarp is used underneath and over top. Taping the outside joints with duct tape during setup is recommended to eliminate any light

The simulator is available for groups and organisations to borrow. A minimum donation of $30 is requested to offset the cost of the supplied cable times for setup, wear and tear, and our time.

The longest piece of the simulator is 6'x 2'. The other pieces are 4'x2' and 2'x2'. The stack of pieces is approximately 18" high. In addition there are the two tarps and a toolbox of supplies. It will easily fit in a minivan.

Thanks go to Adams & Kennedy for their very generous discount on the materials.


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Photographs (Original UK version)