Crate Stacking

Crate stacking is an activity that we borrowed from the UK. It is also known as crate climbing. This activity can be performed by Cubs and up. A qualified belayer is required. Official climibing harnesses and belay techniques must be used. Bicycle helmets may be used in place of climbing helmets.

Objective to make a of stack milk crates as high as possible.

The crates are stacked in single or double column.

Two crates side by side, two people. Both stand on one crate, add crate to other side then step up. Add two crates to the other side and repeat.

All youth wear helmets.

One youth is designated the climber and has to keep climbing up to stack the next crate as the tower gets higher.

The climber wears a climbing harnes with a rope up and over a pulley and belayed by an adult.

The other youth pass crates up to the climber.

Eventually the tower falls over and the climber is left suspended in mid air and is lowered to the ground.

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