Paper Air Rockets

From 2nd Kirkham Scout Group.

Instructions on how to make a simple and inexpensive ($4-$6) rocket launcher and associated paper or card rockets are given below. The rocket is powered by stamping on an empty 2 litre pop bottle and is very effective. A sheet with drawn out fins for cutting out and taping to the rocket is also given - cut along the solid lines, bend along the dotted lines. One change that could be made is to add a piece of wood to hold the launch tube vertically - when boys jump on the bottle it can twist and may hit someone by accident. With some bottles, you can quickly destroy them and therefore may need a large supply. Our thanks to Matthew Nightingale, CSL - 1st Ribchester (St. Wilfred's) Scout Group, for mentioning this rocket and for his excellent diagram.

In Canada, we found that our 2 litre pop bottles fit perfectly on 1/2" PVC pipe. The rockets flew 10'-50' in the air. The Cubs had good fun with this activity. Our Beavers did it one evening as well, inside their gym.

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NASA Paper Rocket Instructions