Hobbies & Wheels 2006

Hobbies & Wheels 2006 was held April 28-29 at the Merrickville community centre.

New this year

Hands on Meccano models for the kids to play with and parts with which the kids could build their own models. Loop-the-loop track for the Kub Kars and Beaver Buggies. Pioneering climbing wall for the Scouts to build and pioneering catapults for the Cubs to build.

Crest design      
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Master of Ceremonies Instruction Package (Cubs/Scouts)      
Master of Ceremonies Instruction Package (Beavers)      
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Beaver Trading Post Game      
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Cub Pioneering Catapults      
Scout Pioneering Climbing Wall      
Cub Wolf Pack Game      
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Meccano BuildingMeccano ModelsKub Kar Race Start
Kub Kar Race FinishScout Truck Race StartScout Truck Race Finish
Build Rock Climbing WallClimb the WallPitstop
SlingshotRamp JumpLoop-the-Loop Track
Loop-the-Loop TrackCatapultsCanteen
Fire Engine18 Wheeler CabRocket Propelled Cars
Rocket Propelled CarsRocket Propelled CarsRocket Propelled Cars

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