Loop Track

In 2006, a loop track was created for Kub Kars (Pinewood Derby) and Beaver Buggies. It was introduced at the Hobbies & Wheels event.

The track was constructed from 1/8" hardboard. A 1/8" hardboard strip was laminated along the centre of the track to guide the cars. The diameter of the loop is 3' 9" and the starting height is 8'. The frame is a combination of 1/2" and 3/4" oak plywood. These were scraps that were available, and thus gave it's unique appearance. The plywood is fastened together with biscuits and glue.

The track is fastened to the supports with #6 machine screw and wing nuts. The 2"x4" stabilizer on the floor are fastened to the supports with 1/4" carriage bolts and wing nuts. Thus no tools are required to assemble the track.

The landing ramp sides are thin acrylic. As can be seen by the repair, this is quite brittle. It should be made from polycarbonate (Lexan) for additional strength. The track off the end of the landing ramp is to control the cars as they slow down. A strip of sandpaper is glued to the track to slow the cars quicker. There is a short centering strip at the end of the landing ramp to guide to cars so they don't fly off the recovery track.

The original loop track, from Pack 207 in the US, was made with aluminum track. This track can be ordered from the US Scout catalogue. The track had a diameter of 3' 9", the size of a handy tire, and the starting hight was 6' 6".

Photographs of our track

Photographs of the original US track

Photographs of the 1st Stittsville Track