The website is a snapshot taken in June 2013. It is not related to the current operations of the Merrickville Scout group, It is preserved for historical purposes and to make available the vast amount of information for use by other Scout groups. The current Merrickville Scout group website can be found at

Registration (2012/2013)

Youth may be registered at our registration night, Wednesday September 12th 2012 at the Merrickville Community Centre from 6:30pm to 8:00pm or at any meeting. Registration is open to boys and girls.

SectionAge by Dec 31DayTimeLocation
Beaver Scouts5 - 7Tuesday6:30pm - 7:45pmSte. Marguerite School
Cub Scouts8 - 10Wednesday6:30pm - 8:00pmMerrickville Community Centre
Scouts11 - 14Monday6:30pm - 8:15pmMerrickville Community Centre
Venturer Scouts14 - 17Various Tuesdays7:00pm - 9:00pmVarious

To register, each child must have a completed Youth Registration Form (Program Participant Enrolment Form).

Upcoming events and activities are listed in our calendar.

Forms and Documents

Youth Registration Form  
Cub Scout Parent Guide  
Beaver Scout Parent Guide  
Registration How-To Organise 2006
Scouts Canada Fee Increases

Archived registration documents


A complete uniform is mandatory for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Scouts.

The neckerchief, woggle, and badges for the uniform are supplied at the time of investiture.

The trousers/shorts must be a solid colour; no stripes, flowers, embroidery, etc.

Uniforms may be obtained from the Scout Shop in Ottawa. Used uniforms are sometimes available on registration night or from your child's leader.

Estimated cost for the full year (12 months)

ItemBeaver ScoutsCub ScoutsScoutsVenturer Scouts
Scouts Canada Registration Fee$165$165$165$165
Group Fee$10$10$10$10
Community Centre Rental$15$15$15$15
SubTotal - Registration Fee$190$190$190$190

The Venturer Scout camp/event costs assume that the Venturer Scout participates in all offered activities and courses. Due to other committments, we find that not every youth participates in all available activities.

The Scouts Canada registration fee is submitted directly to Scouts Canada. It covers their salaries and administrative expenses. None of this fee remains with the group for the program. For further details on the Scouts Canada fee, see our historical records.

The total upfront registration cost consists of the Scouts Canada registration fee, the group fee, and the community centre rental fee.

Camps are typically $25 for a two night weekend camp. This includes all food and activities. Some camps may be more or less depending on actual costs. In general, camps are operated on a cost recovery basis. Beaver Scouts have 1-2 sleepovers each year. Cub Scouts and Scouts have 4-5 weekend camps each year. Scouts and Venturer Scouts usually have a week long canoe trip in the summer.

The Scouts and Venturer Scouts perform some fundraising. All funds they raise are dedicated to subsidising the cost of their activities.

Dues for Beaver Scouts are $2/week, for Cub Scouts and Scouts it is $1 per week; payable at each meeting. The Venturer Scouts do not collect dues. The dues cover the costs of the badges, activities, crafts, and most day and evening outings.

Uniform cost is spread over three years, as this is the typical growth rate of kids.

Starting in September 2005, the Village of Merrickville implemented a rental fee of $1/child/night for the use of the community centre. We are required to collect this fee and submit it to the Village. We collect this as a $15 flat rate fee as part of registration. As the Beaver Scouts and Venturer Scouts are not using the community centre, their fee is used specifically to subsidise their activites.

Financial assistance is available for registration, uniform, and camp fees; all you have to do is ask.