Scouts Canada Registration Fee

The following is based on the information available in the archives. This is for a group located in Ontario. Originally Rideau Lakes District, then Valley Highlands District, now Valley Highlands Area. Originally St. Lawrence Region, then Voyageur Region, now Voyageur Council.

The registration fee started at 50 cents per Scout in 1935. The inflation line shows what that amount is worth in each successive year. This was calculated with the Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator. In 2007, that 50 cents is worth $7.63.

While the current registration fee is the same for all sections and leaders, this was not always the case. Originally, Scouts had to pay a fee to register, but there was no charge for leaders. When Wolf Cubs started, their registration fee was half of the Scout fee. Prorated fees were also allowed where 10% of the full fee was payable for each month registered. As of 2010/2011 the leader fee has been eliminated at the national and council levels, and the remaining youth fee raised to make up the forgone revenue.

Any help filling in the missing years would be greatly appreciated. Also, any information on the split from year to year between national, provincial, and regional/council.

From a document dated August 1972, courtesy of David Creek (1st Holland Landing):

Main Graph

The leader fee is shown as a 1:3 ratio so the overall fee payable by the youth can be compared over the transition from 2010 to 2011 where the leader fee was eliminated.

Regional/Provincial/National Split Graph

Note that this data is not yet complete, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Raw Data (Overall Fee)

Raw Data (Fee Split)