Scout Documents

General Documents

Patrol Leader Training Course      
Favorite Cub & Scout Games    
Odawa Area 3 Year Troop Plan      
Wide Games Cubs/Scouts (4th East Coates UK)      
Silva Compass Game      
Patrol Leader Top Ten      
Canoe Trip Plan Barron-Achray (3rd Carleton Place) (1.6M)      
The Patrol System (Ireland)      
Scout Program Ideas & Two Year Plan (Ireland)      
The Egg Challenge      
The Essence of Scouting? - John Kennaugh      
Hovercraft from Ceiling Tile and Duct Tape      
Freezie Award - Description    
Freezie Award - Sample award    
Hot 100 Contest    
Who Wants to Win a Tube of Smarties      
Membership Retention in Scout Troops (Liam Morland)      
Clock Face Orienteering    
Scout Trails Newsletter (Spring 2003) (East Burlington)      
Explorer Badge Requirements    
Rideau Challenge Journey      
BPSA Woodsman Handbook      
Jamboree Patrol Menu      
Interacting with Youth Tips      
The Troop Planning Fire      
SBJ Jamboree Program      
Pioneering Projects      
1st Clarence Scout Newsletter      
Compass / Pacing Game      
The Knotty Game      
The Knot Trail    
Baston on Membership      
BPSA B-P Woodsman Handbook      
BPSA Senior B-P Woodsman Handbook      
CFIS Tenderfoot To St. George      
Scouts Lost on Long Mynd (UK)    
Search and Rescue Game (Avon Valley UK Amateur Radio JOTA)    
Ideas for the Troop 1      

Year Specific Documents