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Our Scout group has twelve canoes available for use by Scout groups, areas, and councils, as well as church and youth organisations. Single day, multi-day excursions, or large scale events are fine. Two types of canoes are available:

For personal and commerical canoe and kayak rentals, please contact Ted Hitsman (613) 269-3566 at the Canal Tripping section of the Merrickville Canal Gallery & Frameshop.

A six canoe trailer with a large storage compartment is available. The trailer takes a 2" ball and has a four flat electrical connector. There are no brakes on the trailer.

Life jackets, paddles, bailers, and throw bags are also available.

These canoes, kayaks, and safety items were purchased with support of the Ontario Government and the help of our dealers Jenda Paddlesports, Paddle Shack, and Trailhead.

Commercial canoe rental costs $30-$35/day/canoe plus tax. Canoe trailers are typically an additional $30/day. Life jackets and paddles are an extra cost from commercial operators. We ask for a donation of $10/canoe/day (or $10/kayak/day) to offset wear and tear on the canoes and our time. The canoe trailer is also $10/day. All other accessories are furnished at no charge. Due to our time committments, the minimum donation is for six canoes for two days.

Please contact Allan Yates for booking arrangements.

Naturally, the borrower is responsible for the repair and/or replacement of any lost of damaged items. Neither the canoes nor trailer are insured, however liability insurance coverage for the trailer automatically flows from the tow vehicle.

We are collecting trip plans for publishing below. The intent is to make Scout/Venturer canoe tripping information more widely available, and thus encourage leaders to take their youth on trips. We would appreciate receiving your plans, whether or not you make use of our canoes.

Upcoming Bookings

Jan 26, 20112-Cottager1st Osgoode CubsAndrew MasonPool
Feb 2, 20112-Cottager1st Osgoode CubsAndrew MasonPool
Mar 12, 20116-Canyon,trailerNepean RoversJohn JamesWalter Baker Pool
Apr 9, 20116-Canyon,trailerNepean RoversJohn JamesWalter Baker Pool
Apr 16, 20116-Canyon,trailerNepean RoversJohn JamesWalter Baker Pool
Apr 30, 20116-Canyon,trailerNepean RoversJohn JamesWalter Baker Pool
May 17-21, 20112-CanyonSt. Paul High SchoolMark OrzelMakobe River
May 27-29, 20116-Canyon,5-kayak,trailer1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesPetawawa
May 28-30, 20116-Cottager1st Merrickville ScoutsAlex BeelichWhispering Pines
Jun 3-5, 20116-Canyon,5-kayak,trailer1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesPalmer Rapids
Jun 3-5, 20116-Cottager1st Merrickville ScoutsAlex BeelichWhispering Pines
Jun 9, 20114-Cottager,trailer2nd Smiths Falls CubsMike Dobbie 
Jun 17-19, 20116-Cottager,trailer101st Ottawa ScoutsDan McCarthyRideau River
Jun 24-26, 20111-Canyon1st MerrickvilleIvan WoodMadawaska
Jun 24-26, 20116/1-Cottager/Canyon,trailer1st Carp ScoutsBlair GordonCrotch Lake
Jul 1-8, 20114-Canyon,2-kayak,trailer1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesMistassibi North East
Jul 3-9, 20116-Cottager1st Merrickville ScoutsAlex BeelichAlgonquin Park
Aug 20-28, 20112-Cottager,trailer1st Glen CairnDave SkinnerTemagami
Sep 17-18, 20112-Cottager1st MerrickvilleIvan WoodBarron Canyon
Oct 1, 20113-Cottager,trailer1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesKemptville Creek
Sep 30-Oct 2, 20113-Cottager,1-Canyon1st CarpBlair GordonTBD
Mar 18-Apr 28, 20126-Canyon,trailerNepean RoversJohn JamesWalter Baker Pool
May 2-5, 20124-CanyonSt. Paul High SchoolMark OrzelNoire River
May 25-27, 20123-Canyon,1-kayak,trailer1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesPetawawa
May 25-27, 20121-Canyon14th Gloucester VenturersBruce MortonPetawawa
May 25-27, 20126-CottagerValley Highlands AreaKeith SkelhorneWhispering Pines
Jun 1-3, 20122-Canyon,5-kayak,trailer1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesPalmer Rapids
Jun 1-3, 20123-Canyon1st Kemptville VenturersGuy MorganPalmer Rapids
Jul 1-7, 20126-Cottager,trailer1st Merrickville ScoutsAlex BeelichAlgonquin Park
Jul 28-29, 20121-Canyon1st Kemptville VenturersCindy ChandlerOttawa River
Aug 13-18, 20126-Cottager,trailer2nd Rockland GuidesPauline Le Baud RoyWhispering Pines
Aug 19-23, 20123-Cottager,trailer1st Glen Cairn VenturersDave SkinnerTBD
Sep 26-29, 20123-CanyonSt. Paul High SchoolMark OrzelLower Madawaska
Sep 29, 20123-Cottager,trailer1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesCamp Opemikon
Apr 27-28, 20134-CottagerValley HighlandsStew HamillTBD
May 10-12, 20136-Cottager,trailerValley Highlands AreaStew HamillTBD
May 17-19, 20136-Cottager,trailer1st West Carleton Troop Yves CayerOtter Lake (Ontario)
May 24-26, 20131-Canyon1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesPetawawa
May 24-26, 20136-Cottager,trailerValley Highlands AreaStew HamillTBD
May 29-Jun 1, 20134-CanyonSt. Paul High SchoolMark OrzelSpanish River
May 31-Jun 2, 20135-kayak,trailer1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesPalmer Rapids
Jun 7-9 20136-Cottager,trailer1st Kanata Alpha ScoutsPat HughesWhispering Pines
Jun 13-20, 20131-Cottager1st MerrickvilleIvan WoodLady Evelyn Smoothwater Lake
Jun 20-23, 20132-CanyonSt. Paul High SchoolMark OrzelPalmer Rapids/Ottawa
Jun 27-Jul 3, 20134-Canyon,2-kayak,trailer1st Merrickville VenturersAllan YatesLievre River
Jun 29-Jul 7, 20136-CottagerValley Highlands AreaStew HamillAlgonquin Park
Jul 10-15, 20136-Cottager,trailer1st Kanata ScoutsDavid LeeRideau Canal
Jul 20-Aug 3, 20133-Canyon,maybe trailer1st Glen CairnDave SkinnerMissinaibi (Mattice to Moosonee)
Aug 3-14, 20136-Cottager,trailer1st Kanata VenturersAndrew ScottAlgonquin Park


Sample Trip Plans

Please note that these trip plans are provided for illustration purposes only. There may be other risks depending on the time of year, weather conditions, leader/youth skill, and specific route. As a leader you must be fully aware and investigate all possible risks to ensure they are minimised. The Lifesaving Society Boat Rescue course and a River Rescue course (for trips on moving water) are highly recommended.

Swift Water rescue courses are offered in eastern Ontario by:


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