The website is a snapshot taken in June 2013. It is not related to the current operations of the Merrickville Scout group, It is preserved for historical purposes and to make available the vast amount of information for use by other Scout groups. The current Merrickville Scout group website can be found at

Hobbies & Wheels

The Valley Highlands area used to have a combined hobby show, Beaver Buggy, Kub Kar, and Scout Truck race weekend. The 2004, 2005, and 2006 events were run by the Merrickville Scout Group. In the US this is called the Pinewood Derby.

Unfortunately this event hasn't run since 2006.

Hot off the Press! - January 2007 Leader magazine article.

How to build a loop track.

Full details

And pictures/details of other fun events, include a loop-the-loop track.

Instant Replay System


Photographs From Last Event

Meccano BuildingMeccano ModelsKub Kar Race Start
Kub Kar Race FinishScout Truck Race StartScout Truck Race Finish
Build Rock Climbing WallClimb the WallPitstop
SlingshotRamp JumpLoop-the-Loop Track
Loop-the-Loop TrackCatapultsCanteen
Fire Engine18 Wheeler CabRocket Propelled Cars
Rocket Propelled CarsRocket Propelled CarsRocket Propelled Cars