Klondike Derby

The Klondike Derby is an event where Scouts haul a dog sled around a course for a day competing at various challenges. We have not yet organised a Derby, but have accumulated a fair amount of information and done some preliminary planning.

From Scouter Renato (1st Transcona Scouts)

Merrickville Plan    
Merrickville Budget    
Carleton Area Registration Form    
Heritage Area Event Details    
Sled Plan    
Boy's Life Sled Project      
Boy's Life Klondike Derby Planning      
More Sled Plans      
Manitoba Area 9 About Klondike      
Manitoba Area 9 Klondike Registration      
Manitoba Area 9 Klondike Names      
Manitoba Area 9 Klondike Preparation      
Manitoba Area 9 Cub-Guide Map      
Manitoba Area 9 Scouts-Pathfinder Map      
Manitoga Mohican Klondike Derby Passport      


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